03 Jun, 20

Resistance to Change – With any new technology/concept comes a resistance to overcome. There was a time when smartphones posed resistance. So did the first aircraft. And as long as innovations happen, resistance to change is bound to follow. But the beauty of this resistance is, once overcome, there are endless possibilities. EVs are currently facing the “new technology” resistance barrier. But it’s only temporary.

Range and charging times – Filling your tank with petrol takes 5 mins. But charging an EV might take you anywhere between 4-16 hours. The thought of your vehicle running out of charge mid-journey is daunting. However, a lot of new innovations are coming up with more and more smart charging technologies and with time, there will be a solution to this as well. National charging station networks are already being set up and there are a lot of plug-in hybrid vehicles available for the moment

The cost – Yes, as of now personal EVs are expensive. They are being bought mostly by luxury car enthusiasts and people who can conveniently set up charging stations at their own homes. But that’s where the beauty of EVs in public transport lies. You get all the goodness and power of an EV but without the headaches! And with time, EVs will be available to people will all levels of income!

Experience the electric autos from M Auto, that take only 3 hours to charge on your usual plug point. You can ride this beauty for 120 kms until it is due for its next recharge.

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