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Minimum to Zero Down payment, for example, initial investment or road tax, adaptability of buying in for a minimum of 1 month. Insurance and maintenance are included in monthly charges, 24X7 street side help and bother free assistance.

Indeed, you can expand the vehicle whenever at typical costs or decide to return the vehicle whenever simply by paying the cost differences.

Your vehicle will be covered by insurance, to deal with such cases. On each instance of harm, your obligation would be restricted to pay the differences between the expenses caused to fix the harm and the returns from the insurance claim. In circumstances of reckless driving, there could be optional cases for this arrangement, by which you could be at risk for compensating the complete damage.

Depending on MAuto Swapping Model. If the User is paying a specific amount, then we can add a range of amounts.]

The EV is driven into a booth where the depleted battery is removed from the vehicle and replaced with a fully charged power pack.

Typically, with charging stations, users had to wait for their vehicle to charge forcing them to lose valuable time. But with a Swapping network, one can immediately replenish their discharged battery and save quality time.

No, Our electric vehicle doesn’t have an engine. It comes standard with a 3kW AC Induction motor that runs on a LifePo4,60V,140A Lithium-ion battery.

The MAuto M-SAARAK has a range of 70-90km*.

Typically, it takes around 4-5 hours to charge a battery. However, With our Swapping stations across the cities, you can easily extend your mobility without any hassle.