03 Jun, 20
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Top 5 Myths about Electric Vehicles

• They take forever to charge – You might not be taking into consideration the charging patterns of an EV. Most EVs are charged overnight or maybe once every few nights. And even with long driving distances, superchargers can charge your EV fully in 30-60 minutes. Charging stations are being rigorously set up throughout parking spaces and in time charging EVs won’t be a challenge at all.

• They’re not economical – You’re not looking at the big picture. Maintaining an EV costs next to nothing. They have much fewer moving parts, and they don’t run on oil. And they last forever. And in 2021, even the price points are coming down to a point where an EV will cost half of what you’d pay for a fuel vehicle.

• Batteries are super expensive – Current EV batteries have a capacity of up to 90% after driving them for around 240,000 kilometers. The average driver doesn’t complete that distance. And even if you somehow manage to reach that target, EV companies offer you an 8-year guarantee. So don’t even worry about battery expenses.

• Not suitable for long-distance travel – The new age, global line of electric vehicles easily run for a distance of up to 340 kms without needing a charge. Long-distance travel will only be an issue if it’s for a distance of above 400 kms which is very rare for the average Indian driver.

• They’re not fast – There are electric race cars racing on grids worldwide. So if you’re wondering if your EV will complete your speed needs, they’ve got you covered.