The Road to Zero-Emission—EV Sustainability

MAuto has a vision of changing the way the world moves. We’re enthusiastic about the rapid change to electric mobility. Cutting down our dependence on fossil fuels is crucial for building a sustainable future. And we take pride in being part of that much-needed change. After over 10 years since inception, our main goal remains the same: to make technological advancement that fosters sustainable development social empowerment.

We’re focused on safeguarding our current environment by making it as simple and feasible for drivers to go electric. We have more than 400 charging and swapping stations across the nation. MAuto covers most major urban areas, allowing customers to stay within 10 miles of the charging area. Together, contribute to tidying up the air and tackling environmental change.

Founded in 2015, we’ve been a lading EV-charging network functioning 100% environment-friendly energy. For each kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumed on our station, MAuto buys a related kWh Renewable Energy Credit (REC) from a licensed REC provider. MAuto users are assured that they’re supporting clean energy and assisting us with handling environmental change with each charge.

How We Reduce Emissions

MAuto utilizes feature-rich, hi-tech innovation to reduce emissions. More aerodynamic decked trailers, increased-length trailers with 15% additional space, and driver training programs to develop eco-friendly driving abilities. Besides, we use fleet-wide telematics to report and advance eco-friendliness.

Green logistics

Focused on minimizing transportation miles and the effect of non-renewable energy source usage through technological advancement. We’re determined to make transportation greener.

Reducing energy & waste

Continually attempting to lessen our global footprint through innovation and careful preparation. Waste reduction is crucial to our sustainability actions and goals across the world.

Local communities

Our policies guarantee that all levels of our business comprehend the corporate and social obligations we have to investors, clients, representatives, and local communities.

Practical solutions

Continuous investment in innovation, frameworks, and processes permits us to minimize fossil fuel byproducts, limiting the side-effects on the environment and reducing energy usage.

3.6 B

Miles driven on electricity to date

113 M

Charges deliver to date

549 M

Litres of petrol avoided to date